Les frigos

Legal graffiti wall in Paris


legal walls

confirmed live 10/2008

not legal anymore :-(

Some of the guys in the building don't care if you paint or not, but I got told off from one of guy there. whatever graffiti or street art, it's not legal anymore. :(

Me suis fait tej il y à 1+années (pas de prob pour peinture, beaucoup de résidents et passants aiment le Frigos, triste) , plus legal, mais ça tourne un peu je croi.

toujours legal te fais pas remarquer, les résidents casse pas les couilles si t'es peace

Les frigos is owned by the city of Paris. It looks like an occupied building, but it's not. Artists pay to rent a studio here. Judging from the above comments in french, this place is not officially legal, but painting seems to be tolerated. Be nice, ask someone for permission, take your trash with you to make sure it stays open.

Is this wall still safe to paint?