Legal graffiti wall in Berlin


20 meter concrete wall as part of a railway fly-over. In a park near skateboarding bowl and basketball-field.

Don't paint on the wall near the skate park unless you want beef with the Legacy crews. All other walls are free game. The Legacy store owner has claimed the wall near the skate park for exclusive usage by hand-selected artists with his permission. Does he legally own this wall? Hard to say. I set up my stuff here to paint on a blank section of a piece by another artist and was confronted by an angry crew. We worked it out in the end even though things almost got out of hand. I had a Gopro on my chest filming everything, so nothing happened. My argument was that the nature of street art is in itself temporary. You paint today with the knowledge it may be gone tomorrow. These guys are territorial and I don't like threats. But we squashed it eventually. I do realize that I may have been defensive but it was the way I was approached that caused me to. Luckily I had not painted yet and nobody got hurt. So, a warning for all artists, information you read here may not always be enough to decide to paint somewhere safely.

As written before, you have to go to Legacy (or Downstairs), a Graffiti-shop near the wall and ask for permission. Not legal there.

Is this wall still safe to paint?