Legal graffiti walls in United States

We know of 64 legal graffiti spots in United States. Unfortunately 20 have been closed down. Explore our map to search worldwide

  1. Hall of Fame New York
    in New York

  2. NSCU Free Expression Tunnel
    in Raleigh

  3. Rochester Free Walls
    in Rochester

  4. Portland Legal Wall
    in Portland

  5. ASU Rivers Street Tunnels
    in Boone

    in San Diego

  7. Gainesville Legal Wall
    in Gainesville

  8. American Tent
    in Indianapolis

  9. Venice Beach
    in Los Angeles

  10. 5 Pointz
    in Queens

  11. Beverly Free Wall
    in Beverly

  12. Cheyenne Legal Wall
    in Cheyenne

  13. linden park
    in Naugatuck

  14. graffiti wall
    in St. Louis

  15. Dee's
    in Sun Valley

  16. boulder
    in Boulder

  17. redmond
    in Redmond

  18. The Refuge Lounge
    in Hesperia

  19. Fun Wall
    in Cleveland

  20. Denville wall
    in Denville

  21. Mercado Latino/Freedom Wall
    in Bakersfield

  22. Portland High School Water Towers
    in Portland

  23. SODO Legal Wall
    in Seattle

  24. TUBS Building Free Wall
    in Seattle

  25. Bluebonnet liquoer store
    in Fort Worth

  26. Saint Michaels Pub
    in Tallahassee

  27. THE Free Wall
    in Amarillo

  28. Valencia wall
    in San Francisco

  29. Bmore Legal
    in Baltimore

  30. Bill's Wheels Skateshop
    in Santa Cruz

  31. Rui's wall
    in Delhi

  32. Lamp Wall
    in Painesville

  33. "The Shitters"
    in Los Angeles

  34. jewell warehouse
    in Denver

  35. Woodinville Skatepark Freewall
    in Woodinville

  36. Sebastopol SkateGarden
    in Sebastopol

  37. RC package House Side Wall
    in San Francisco

  38. Tacoma Garages
    in Tacoma

  39. Aldeen Park Dam
    in Rockford

  40. UConn Legal Wall
    in Mansfield

  41. ILM street art WALL
    in Wilmington

  42. Emmanuel Graffiti Wall
    in Newington

  43. Calwa Park
    in Fresno

  44. The wall
    in Menominee

  45. 417 underpass c.s. trail
    in Oviedo

  46. "The Wall"
    in Missoula

  47. James' wall
    in Atwater

  48. ACME Walls
    in Albuquerque

  49. Zen StairWell
    in Pullman

  50. streetwise legal wall
    in Nashua

  51. Central Square Wall
    in Cambridge

  52. I-95 underpass
    in Philadelphia

  53. Tunnel Gallery
    in Narragansett

  54. rebearth art supply
    in Asbury Park

  55. Shameless Inc
    in Minneapolis

  56. Graffiti Graveyard
    in Duluth

  57. Oliver auto body back bays
    in Pittsfield

  58. Tully Street
    in Syracuse

  59. West Side Wall
    in Syracuse

  60. The Wash Yard
    in Nashville

  61. Graffiti Bridge
    in Pensacola

  62. RailRoad Bridges
    in Pensacola

  63. Cohoes Skatepark
    in Cohoes

  64. Intermedia Arts
    in Minneapolis

  65. Graffiti Tunnel
    in Belmont

  66. plymouth Skate park
    in Plymouth

  67. Art Alley
    in Rapid City

  68. Rekt
    in Sunny Isles Beach

  69. Blacksburg Designated Street Art Area
    in Blacksburg

  70. Graves's Border Burner Blocks
    in El Paso

  71. Pho 88 Restaurant wall
    in Orlando

  72. Heavens
    in Hartford

  73. The Watertower
    in Manchester

  74. Olympia Freewall
    in Olympia

  75. Corvallis Legal Wall
    in Corvallis

  76. Graffiti Park Castle Hill / Baylor Street Art Wall
    in Austin

  77. Eugene free wall
    in Eugene

  78. Stop N Lock Graffiti Wall
    in Riverside

  79. City of Salisbury Graffiti Wall
    in Salisbury

  80. Art Park on Pine
    in Albany

  81. Bums Village
    in Placentia

  82. Brookland-CUA station [RL]
    in Washington

  83. Rainier / Tully's Building
    in Seattle

  84. Tag Town under Rail Tracks
    in Elk Grove

  85. The Forum Building Art Alley
    in Fargo

  86. The walls
    in Odessa

  87. Artist studio free wall
    in Crestline

  88. The Warehouse
    in Bloomington

  89. Graffiti Alley
    in Ann Arbor

  90. Cadillac Ranch
    in Amarillo

  91. 621 Fabrication Street
    in Dallas

  92. Ham Hula
    in Dallas

  93. Wall
    in Vista

  94. Pawtucket parking garage legal wall
    in Pawtucket

  95. 4th street paint for change rehab from life
    in Saguache

  96. West Art District IG:WestArtDistrict
    in Orlando

  97. Flikit creative studio wall
    in Prineville

  98. Mad Dog Liquors
    in Tulsa

  99. Under the Bridge
    in Eagle

  100. New harbor
    in Clinton

  101. Wall ave Alleyway
    in Knoxville

  102. Jermaine Park Wall
    in Toledo

  103. Maple Leaf / Wheaton Way
    in Bremerton

  104. Caddo Common Shipping Containers
    in Shreveport

  105. Graffiti City
    in Sparks

  106. Alley 5.5
    in Bismarck