Legal graffiti walls in United Kingdom

We know of 174 legal graffiti spots in United Kingdom. Unfortunately 38 have been closed down. Explore our map to search worldwide

  1. Greenhead Park
    in Huddersfield

  2. Ravensknowle Park
    in Huddersfield

  3. Southbank
    in London

  4. Alsager Legal Wall.
    in Alsager

  5. Chelmsford
    in Chelmsford

  6. The Level
    in Brighton

  7. The Boards
    in Edinburgh

  8. Castle Wall
    in Glasgow

  9. Ally Pally
    in London

  10. the boards
    in Biggleswade

  11. Watford Skate Park
    in Watford

  12. The Crescent
    in Belfast

  13. victoria park
    in Bristol

  14. Dame Emily Park aka The Deaner
    in Bristol

  15. Taunton
    in Taunton

  16. Bridgwater
    in Bridgwater

  17. Riverside
    in Bristol

  18. Tufnell Park
    in London

  19. Bushey
    in Watford

  20. St Werburghs Tunnel
    in Bristol

  21. Champion Park
    in Bristol

  22. Montpelier Park
    in Bristol

  23. Peoples Republic Of Stokes Croft
    in Bristol

  24. Ashton
    in Bristol

  25. Seven Oaks Park
    in Cardiff

  26. Maples Street Skatepark
    in Nottingham

  27. Arches
    in Nottingham

  28. St George Skatepark
    in Bristol

  29. Bar Hill Skate Park
    in Bar Hill

  30. Stockwell Skatepark
    in London

  31. Stockwell
    in London

  32. Bury St Edmunds Skate Park
    in Bury Saint Edmunds

  33. Pink Elly HULL
    in Hull

  34. Swansea legal wall
    in Brynmill

  35. Mannington
    in Swindon

  36. Savernake Park
    in Swindon

  37. Tottenham
    in London

  38. Lakeside
    in Grays

  39. Hailey Park
    in Cardiff

  40. Meadow Lane Skate Park
    in Oxford

  41. Fratton Park
    in Portsmouth

  42. Tin Lane Youth Club
    in Exeter

  43. Shakespeare Road Community Centre
    in Exeter

  44. Phoenix Arts Centre
    in Exeter

  45. Totnes Skate Park
    in Totnes

  46. Avon
    in Bristol

  47. Auto Garage
    in Bristol

  48. Cabot
    in Bristol

  49. Elm Street Lanes
    in Cardiff

  50. Chip Lane
    in Taunton

  51. Anglia Square
    in Norwich

  52. The Dell
    in Norwich

  53. The Subaway
    in Norwich

  54. Cattedown Park
    in Plymouth

  55. Tiverton Youth Centre
    in Tiverton

  56. Southampton Common
    in Southampton

  57. Wooden Waves
    in Newquay

  58. spiceball skatepark
    in Banbury

  59. loughor skatepark
    in Loughor

  60. Walsall Gasworks
    in Walsall

  61. Tamworth
    in Tamworth

  62. Longhill
    in Winkfield Row

  63. Coventry
    in Coventry

  64. Leeds
    in Leeds

  65. Withington Pumping Station
    in Manchester

  66. Stoke Park
    in Guildford

  67. Crouch End
    in London

  68. Penhill
    in Swindon

  69. Pig Town
    in Swindon

  70. Plaistow
    in London

  71. Reading Skate Park
    in Reading

  72. End Of The Line Project
    in London

  73. Shooting Range
    in Bristol

  74. Roscoe Street
    in Liverpool

  75. The Cop
    in Chester

  76. Oaklands
    in Hertfordshire

  77. Mile End
    in London

  78. Watford Warehouse
    in Croxley Green

  79. exmouth sk8park
    in Exmouth

  80. Golf Links Playcentre
    in Southall

  81. Pig's Lane
    in Worcester Park

  82. Feltham Bowls
    in London

  83. DPM hall of fame
    in Dundee

  84. Welland Mobile Legal Wall
    in Peterborough

  85. Crofts Corner Play Center
    in Peterborough

  86. Foreshore Skate Park
    in South Shields

  87. the bords
    in Royal Leamington Spa

  88. stratford skatepark
    in Stratford-upon-Avon

  89. The Pavillion
    in Melbourn

  90. Leake Street Tunnel
    in London

  91. Bullfields
    in Canterbury

  92. LLoyd Park
    in London

  93. The Arches, Windsor
    in Windsor and Maidenhead

  94. herington countryside park
    in New Herrington

  95. swaythling youth centre
    in Southampton

  96. weymouth skatepark
    in Weymouth

  97. south molton skatepark
    in South Molton

  98. world war two tower
    in Hampshire

  99. zap graffiti arts studio
    in Liverpool

  100. Milton Keynes Cetral Bus Station
    in Milton Keynes

  101. The Pit - Ladbroke Grove
    in London

  102. Behind Snax cafe and Red Hair dressers
    in Edinburgh

  103. Centre 69 Youth Centre
    in Bath

  104. Riverside Youth Centre
    in Bath

    in United Kingdom

  106. Ashton II: Graham's Revenge
    in Bristol

  107. Mossley Park
    in Mossley

  108. Old Stratford Mini
    in Old Stratford

  109. Uxbridge Wall of fame
    in Denham

  110. Axbridge Youth Club
    in Axbridge

  111. Barton Hill Youth Club
    in Bristol

  112. ellersie park wall
    in Barnstaple

  113. gainsborough skate park
    in Gainsborough

  114. Rock Park Skate Park
    in Barnstaple

  115. The Bombs!!
    in Swansea

  116. PLAZA skate park
    in Stoke-on-Trent

  117. CoMusica Wall
    in Gateshead

  118. Winchester Skatepark
    in Winchester

  119. tpn bridge
    in Lancashire

  120. huncoat power station
    in Lancashire

  121. Transition xtreme
    in Aberdeen

  122. Loanhead
    in Edinburgh

  123. Corstorphine Hill
    in Edinburgh

  124. Graffik's Graff Garden
    in London

  125. Farnborough Skate Park
    in Farnborough

  126. Stokes Croft Free Wall
    in Bristol

  127. goldhill
    in Leicester

  128. morses
    in Leicester

  129. the 13 arches .
    in Whetstone

  130. humbo brooks
    in Leicester

  131. Phoenix skate park
    in Windmill Hill

  132. salisbury skate park
    in Salisbury

  133. Battle youth Centre
    in Battle

  134. Galley hill Skatepark
    in Bexhill

  135. Winnersh Triangle
    in Wokingham

  136. Skate Park
    in Exeter

  137. The crete pit
    in Northfleet

  138. bishy bumps
    in York

  139. Victoria skate park
    in Warrington

  140. The Shed (Folkestone Youth Project)
    in Folkestone Harbour

  141. sharrow ball corts
    in Sheffield

  142. behind richmond road
    in Cardiff

  143. Akerous Reservoir
    in Hythe

  144. Odsal Top Subway
    in Bradford

  145. Rushden Graffitti Wall
    in Rushden

  146. Stanground Boards
    in Peterborough

  147. Balsall Common/Berkswell skate park
    in Balsall Common

  148. Cranleigh Gardens Skate Ramp
    in Bridgwater

  149. White hut!
    in Lowestoft

  150. Goddard tennis courts
    in Swindon

  151. Trowbridge Skate Park
    in Trowbridge

  152. the workshops
    in Belfast

  153. livi skate park
    in Livingston

  154. arelsy legal
    in Arlesey

  155. Belmont Bowl
    in Durham

  156. hendon hof
    in Sunderland

  157. horsley fields
    in Wolverhampton

  158. Bell Path
    in Wyboston

  159. Bude skate park
    in Bude

  160. Black Rock
    in Brighton

  161. market road football pitches
    in London

  162. Co-op housing.
    in Cambridge

  163. Honey Hill
    in Cambridgeshire

  164. Dove Bridge
    in United Kingdom

  165. Highbrooms Skatepark
    in Royal Tunbridge Wells

  166. New Street Boards
    in Edinburgh

  167. Plank And Leggit Tunnels
    in Leicestershire

  168. Mann Street
    in Liverpool

  169. Belmont Park Recreational ground
    in Exeter

  170. Unigate
    in Feltham

  171. Russels
    in Nottingham

  172. Stoke Hall of Fame
    in Stoke-on-Trent

  173. bournemouth legal
    in Bournemouth

  174. Fence
    in Clevedon

  175. Binley Woods Park Wall
    in Binley Woods

  176. fraserburgh lessure center.
    in Fraserburgh

  177. canal side
    in Glossop

  178. Cheethams Park
    in Stalybridge

  179. Whitehawk Community Centre Fencing
    in Brighton

  180. girder
    in Leicestershire

  181. Subway
    in Winsford

  182. Stone Bank skate park
    in Kidsgrove

  183. Waterside
    in Walsall

  184. Digbeth Boards
    in Birmingham

  185. Fleetsbridge
    in Poole

  186. Lewes Skatepark
    in Lewes

  187. Harperbury Hospital
    in Hertfordshire

  188. Trackside Garages
    in Radlett

  189. Ball Courts
    in Borehamwood

  190. Urban Area
    in North Shields

  191. Urban Area
    in North Shields

  192. GX wall
    in Northampton

  193. Kings Place Carpark
    in Brighton

  194. molesey legal
    in Molesey

  195. Belle Vue legal wall
    in Leeds

  196. Needleside - DIY skate spot
    in Leeds

  197. Meanwood/Sheepscar Beck
    in Leeds

  198. scrap merchants
    in Leeds

  199. Halifax HOF
    in Halifax

  200. 42
    in Halifax

  201. Hebden bridge skate park
    in Hebden Bridge

  202. pudsey legal wall
    in Leeds

  203. abandoned mill
    in Halifax

  204. hipperholme brickworks
    in Halifax

  205. baildon moor bmx park
    in Baildon

  206. green lane underpass
    in Horbury

  207. Bingley Cattle Market
    in Bingley

  208. naylor jennings mill
    in Yeadon

  209. Jordan's Wall
    in Hertfordshire

  210. The barn
    in Buckinghamshire

  211. Old Tennis Courts
    in Bingley

  212. woodley wall
    in Woodley

  213. old chemicals factory
    in Rawdon

  214. Braehead Tunnels
    in United Kingdom

  215. Trafalgar Lane
    in Brighton

  216. B3144 underpass
    in Dorchester

  217. Seabraes Boards
    in Dundee

  218. Redbridge
    in Kennington

  219. Archery youth centre
    in Eastbourne

  220. Lowfield Street Hoardings
    in Dartford

  221. Glastonbury Sk8Park
    in Glastonbury

  222. Cheddar Sk8park
    in Cheddar

  223. Cotton lane ballcourts
    in Derby

  224. Basketball / football court
    in Mitcham

  225. Alfreshco
    in Longstowe

  226. mr
    in Cheltenham

  227. The Big Yard
    in Derby

  228. Warf Walsall
    in Walsall

  229. Grafton st
    in Liverpool

  230. New bird skate pk
    in Liverpool

  231. Cropper st
    in Liverpool

  232. Unknown
    in Northolt

  233. Bullet wall
    in Edgware

  234. abandoned factory
    in Newport

  235. Parking Lot
    in Edgware

  236. Croydon Boards
    in Croydon

  237. George Park
    in Birmingham

  238. Robertson St. Wall
    in Dundee

  239. Sunnybank Park / Throwupgallery
    in Aberdeen

  240. Canalside flyover
    in United Kingdom

  241. Under abandoned train track
    in Bletchley

  242. Chippenham
    in Chippenham

  243. Denholme spot
    in Denholme

  244. Callington
    in Callington

  245. Under long road bridge
    in Cambridgeshire

  246. Bromford tunel
    in Birmingham

  247. Bromford canal Tunel under the motorway
    in Birmingham

  248. Behind City Road & the Abandoned Cinema
    in Cardiff

  249. Pottery Street Subway
    in Swansea

  250. Bingo Hall
    in Belfast

  251. Mary Ann Lane
    in Dundee

  252. Abandoned football shed
    in Epsom

  253. Links Lane Boards
    in Edinburgh

  254. Meadowbank Stadium
    in Edinburgh

  255. Ryze & Roll Skatepark Wall
    in Newtongrange